School of Medicine

8455新澳门路线网址首页何塞·P·黎刹博士医学院希望如此, 就像以国家英雄的名字命名的那样, 医学院的毕业生将在他们的职业中有所体现, 对生活的热爱和承诺, 对国家,尤其是对穷人.

School of Law

法学院是当今全国十大表现最好的法学院之一. 作为一所耶稣会专业学校, it is dedicated to developing competent and socially-conscious lawyers who see the legal profession foremost as a public service. 泽维尔·阿泰尼奥法律遵循的原则是,生活中拥有较少的人应该拥有更多的法律.

Its curriculum is designed to widen and deepen the appreciation and understanding of the history and development of the law and to encourage continuing education and research consistent with the nature of the field.


The School of Education aims at becoming a leading Teacher Education Institution by fervently improving its teaching and learning practices through a comprehensive continuing education program anchored on relevant research and training.

The School of Education is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Teacher Education Program by the Commission on Higher Education and as a Center of Training Institution for the Department of Education’s Certificate and In-Service Education and Training (INSET) Programs. The School also holds a Level III Re-accredited Status granted by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, 学院和大学(PAASCU).


The Masters of Arts in Nursing degree requires completion 30 units which are credited to academic courses and 6 units for the theses. 学术课程一般有三个单元的课程.

The focus of the program is on role development as well as clinical skills needed to carry out these roles effectively in specialized fields of nursing. Emphasis shall be placed on analyses and application of the varied nursing theoretical frameworks that maybe utilized to guide the graduate in her chosen role in the specialized nursing field.

A full time student enrolls in 12 units of academic work per semester and is given a maximum of five (5) years within which to finish all 36 units of academics and the thesis including passing the comprehensive examination.

(SBM) School of Business & Management Graduate School

The 工商管理学院 has now earned PAASCU Level III Accreditation for the Accountancy and Business Administration programs. 它是全国公认的在注册会计师执照考试中表现最好的学校之一, 并在全国商业和金融学生竞赛中崭露头角.

The formation of students in the 工商管理学院 is primarily geared towards forming ethical graduates with leadership capability and a global perspective. 它致力于让毕业生掌握知识, 为共同利益创造和管理财富的技能和态度. 他们经过培训,能够胜任在商业领域的就业岗位, industry, government and the academe, 而是更强烈地想要建立, 管理和维持有助于提高国民生活质量的企业, especially the marginalized. The 工商管理学院 advocates social entrepreneurship as the means to make a difference in the lives of people. 学生创业计划为新兴企业家提供了学习创业价值观的途径, business ethics, 环境管理和企业社会责任.


工程学院的研究生课程包括工程硕士课程, the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and soon to be offered Master of Geomatics and Disaster Risk Reduction (geoDRR) Program. 
The Master of Engineering (MoE) Program was established in 1995 in collaboration with five other member schools selected from the consortium of Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) Schools of the DOST. 非论文课程(特殊问题或实习论文的顶点要求), it was originally conceived as a practice-oriented approach to improving engineering education and enhancing the technical expertise of engineering instructors and professionals in the region. 它一直是CHED教师发展项目的交付机构. Today, it continues to develop the expertise of young engineering faculty members  from the colleges and universities of the region and also the young professionals from the neighboring industries and government agencies in the fields of environmental and energy engineering, 以及工业系统管理.
Xavier University is also given approval by CHED to be a delivering institution for the  Master of Science in Chemical Engineering under the CHED SIKAP program. It is a thesis-track program with two specializations: (1) Pollution Control Engineering and (2) Advanced Energy Technologies. 

Preparation and development works are currently ongoing for the offering of the Master of Geomatics and Disaster Risk Reduction (geoDRR) Program by SY 2022-2023. It would be the major output of the EU-funded geoDRR project of which the College of Engineering and the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department of the College of Agriculture are jointly involved, 与马来西亚的大学合作, Cambodia and Europe. It is a non-thesis masteral program that will cover disaster risk and resilience content from physical and geospatial sciences, 工程学科以及包括管理在内的社会科学专业, planning, 以及对当地和国际DRR法律和政策的调查. 学生将获得当前灾害风险和弹性研究和实践领域的知识和技能, disaster risk drivers, risk communication, 以及减少灾害风险的战略, 灾害复原力建设理论与实践.

College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies

是自1938年以来最古老的高等学术课程之一,   the College of Arts and Sciences holds the distinction as one of the two colleges to first offer the Master of Arts degree in 1948 (MA Literature) and the first to offer the Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1976 (PhD in Sociology).  This pioneering history of excellence in the area of social sciences and active engagement to professional growth by training teachers who do further studies in their field of specialization had advanced CAS Graduate Program through the years to continually expand its offerings by complementing its Master of Arts programs with Master of Science programs in natural sciences.

拥有PAASCU四级认证, 被认可为发展中心, 在K-12过渡期间,与美国高等教育学院合作,作为部分硕士和硕士学位课程的交付机构, CAS Graduate Program gears to sustain its culture of research and commitment to greater knowledge among its students for them to be resilient, productive and future ready.

重组后的研究生课程于2021-2022学年生效, 中科院有9个研究生项目,按时间顺序排列.

  1. 经济学文学硕士(1966)
  2. 历史文学硕士(1966)
  3. 社会学文学硕士(1966)
  4. 社会学博士(1976)
  5. 心理学文学硕士(2004)
  6. 英语语言文学硕士(2014)
  7. 文学硕士(2014)
  8. 生物学理学硕士(2016)
  9. 化学理学硕士(2017)