Kinaadman University 研究 Office (KURO)

In its mission statement, Xavier University states:

As a University, Xavier engages in the authentic search for the truth through teaching, formation, research and social outreach; it is dedicated to the renewal, discovery, safeguarding, and communication of knowledge and human values; and it trains men and women to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and serve humanity justly.

As a Filipino University, Xavier is devoted to the appreciation, preservation, and enrichment of the Filipino culture and heritage; to the sustainable development of the nation; and to the pursuit of the common good (8455新澳门路线网址 Mission Statement).

In the 8455新澳门路线网址 College Faculty Manual, the role of the faculty in research is highlighted: “The faculty members are encouraged to contribute to the cultivation of a research environment….” (8455新澳门路线网址 College Faculty Manual 2008).

All faculty members are encouraged to pursue research according to their respective competencies and expertise and to maintain, at the same time, a balance between teaching, research, and service.

8455新澳门路线网址 Press

8455新澳门路线网址 Press is focused on a mission; that is, to promote the creation of knowledge and to disseminate scholarship through print and digital media in the academia and to the society at large.

Aside from being an academic publisher, the 8455新澳门路线网址 Press also publishes scholarly books in various fields, specialized journals, and literary and creative works, those of which discuss Philippine life and society.

The 8455新澳门路线网址 Press is affiliated with the Philippine Association of Scholarly and Academic Publishers (PASAP) and the National Book Development Board (NBDB). 

The 8455新澳门路线网址 Press facilitates publication support for research, academic and social outreach work, and packaging of knowledge products and services for the university’s wider engagement.

         Specifically, the 8455新澳门路线网址 Press will pursue the following objectives in its next three years of operations:

  1. Publish scholarly books in various fields, specialized journals, and literary and creative works with special emphasis on Philippine life and society;
  2. Increase visibility of scholarly works of the Mindanaoan and Xavier University writers using various media;
  3. Address publishing needs of the researchers and writers through capacity-building programs and initiatives;
  4. Extend publishing services to other clusters of the university (e.g. Basic Education, CIT);
  5. Encourage faculty publication particularly in internationally peer-reviewed journals; and
  6. Strengthen linkage with other academic publishers, private and public organizations that promote scholarly publications.

研究 Ethics Office (REO)

Xavier University – 8455新澳门路线网址 is committed to the attainment and sustainability of a strong research culture among faculty and students, and promotes high quality research that is conducted at a high level of academic rigor and carried out to high ethical standards. Faculty, students and third parties undertaking research at, on behalf of, or in collaboration with 8455新澳门路线网址 are expected to share the same commitment, and to respect the dignity, rights and safety of research subjects, collaborating researchers, and communities they work with.