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On Oct 17 at 1:30 pm, Xavier University and Cebu Landmasters, Inc presented the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) regarding the possible impacts of land development related to the Campus of the Future in a public hearing hosted by DENR EMB (Environmental Management Bureau). The hearing was presided over by Atty. Abbas Lao of the EMB and a review committee were also present to take note of the concerns raised during the discussion. Attendees included representatives from the affected barangays, 8455新澳门路线网址 administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other concerned. The public hearing was held at the 8455新澳门路线网址 Andrew L Gotianun Sr Center for Integrated Technologies, Manresa campus.

310393741 5445251528899787 7175980313806714729 n18455新澳门路线网址 Treasurer and spokesperson Ms Lennie Ong talked about plans for the New Campus

The EIS included studies about geo-hazards, drainage, traffic impact, flora and fauna diversity, and air and water quality assessments. The consultants shared findings from their baseline studies and recommendations based on those findings.

During the hearing, concerns from Brgy Lower Balulang kagawads and constituents, especially regarding flooding and traffic were raised and discussed by the body.  The technical consultants were able to assure the body that the new project would not add to the current flooding issue due to mitigating measures like detention tanks to hold water and prevent it from running off to barangays. Regarding traffic, measures for traffic mitigation were also discussed, such as the study of possible routes and spine road

unnamed 2218455新澳门路线网址 VP for Higher Education Juliet Dalagan, PhD and 8455新澳门路线网址 VP for Basic Education Dulce Dawang, PhD, along with other administrators, faculty, staff and student leaders, showed full support for the New Campus

While some alumni emphasized honoring the legacy of Fr Masterson and SEARSOLIN (an institute that closed down in 2014), the present college students, represented by their council leaders, also shared their hope and excitement for the new campus. The students saw the new campus as beneficial to them as it will improve the quality of education future 8455新澳门路线网址 students will receive.

Pub Hear55 Copy18455新澳门路线网址 administrators and CLI representatives worked together in the presentations and addressing questions raised during the open forum

Overall, the EIS could answer well all the valid concerns raised at the hearing. The EMB took note of those issues raised but were not part of the study.

As a final statement, Xavier University, represented by Engr. Lennie Ong assured the public that 8455新澳门路线网址 and CLI are dedicated to making this project beneficial to the entirety of Cagayan de Oro City. With this, she enjoined all present to work together to fulfill the dream of Fr William Masterson SJ not only for Xavier University but for the region of Mindanao as well. She expressed that with the new campus, 8455新澳门路线网址 hopes to fulfill that dream by giving more and offering more for the future generation.

The EIS presentation is part of the requirements for Xavier University’s application for the ECC (Environmental Compliance Certification) of the proposed Masterson campus.

unnamed 12221Several kagawad and constituents from Brgy Lower Balulang attended  the public hearing